Surviving HR: Where to post your job listings

Now that you have written your well thought out, spell checked job listing, where do you post it to get the best results? There are a lot of job post sites these days, all with a different viewer demographics leading to different types of applicants.  I have had great luck with some and no luck with others.  For the entry and mid level positions I hire for I have found that some of these posting sites work better for some positions than others. So how do you know which to post positions to and which are not worth the time or money? Trial and error. Every company has different needs for different types of positions and while I hope my tips help you chose which sites to try out, you are going to have to try them out and find your magic formula for job posting success.

I have had great success with Craigslist for my production and even my mid level data entry and graphic design positions. A lot of people look for jobs on Craigslist because it has been around longer than a lot of the other sites, there are a vast variety of job listings, and you don’t have to have an account to apply for jobs.  I have also had numerous responses such as “Is this job still available?” (with no resume attached), or “How do I apply?” (when the instructions clearly note to email a resume). Since most of my production and entry level warehouse positions are filled from Craigslist applicants and I don’t even bother posting these types of positions on the other job post sites any more.

Indeed is like Craigslist’s big sister (or brother to be PC). I have had great luck filling administrative office and mid level skilled trade positions on Indeed as the applicants tend to have more professional experience and more extensive education. They have a template built it to applicants profiles that builds a basic resume and gives the option to compose a cover letter with a application submission.  As a job poster you can post jobs for free, however it is highly suggested that you set a monthly budget per job to get more applicants.  It’s a “pay to play” internet world out there if you want your posting seen you have to put some money down on Indeed. Indeed does have a lot of neat site features such as an internal messaging to contact applicants, and stock job listings you can use for free.  They also have very knowledgable customer support reps who will help you get the most out of your service.

To be honest, I have only used Monster once and I maybe received five applications.  I don’t think its a bad platform for job posting, I think their viewership is just low and maybe we just didn’t have a match of jobs for their clientele.  I would suggest looking into Monster if you are looking for upper level positions and seeing if you have better luck than I did.

Facebook jobs:
Facebook jobs is a relatively new feature on the Facebook app.  I tried it for the first time recently and was pretty disappointed.  The feature makes it so easy for applicants to apply to jobs that people just apply to anything without reading the post.  As with Indeed, this is a paid for service where you set a budget.  I only set a budget of $200 for the ad to run for a week so I took my lack in quality applicants as an inexpensive learning experience.  If you want a mass amount of applications to fill chairs, try Facebook jobs. If you want more targeted applicants, I would not spend the money here.

What other job sites have you tried and either had successful campaigns or failed ones?  I would love feedback and tips from your experiences.

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5 thoughts on “Surviving HR: Where to post your job listings

  1. Excellent Post! My company usually goes through temp agencies to fill position for operations. For our administrative positions, we post on Glassdoor and CareerBuilder. Both sites seem to give decent results. We have also posted on the University website during the summer for interns.


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