Surviving HR: How to successfully fumble your way through Human Resources

As the manager or owner of a small business you find yourself doing a little bit of everything to keep things afloat each day.  You answer the phones, you do the books, you help the clients, you clean the bathroom, and most likely you get to do the hiring, firing, and training of employees.  Unless you are a trained Human Resource professional chances are HR is the part of your work day that you despise the most.  Its exhausting, it makes you second guess yourself, and you spend much of your day walking on eggshells to keep the peace.  Until your business grows to the point of hiring a full time HR manger, or hiring an outside firm, HR is something we have to fumble our way through.

In this multi-part series I will be talking about the woes of HR and how to survive.  These tips and anecdotes are based on my experiences and the things I have learned in my professional journey.  While I have no formal HR training and I am far from an HR expert, I have learned a lot of what to do and more importantly what NOT to do when growing your staff. Over the past five years I have worked excruciatingly hard at growing a business from three employees to almost 20 while attempting to cultivate a culture that represents the company in a positive way.  There are days I succeed and then there are the other 360 days where I yell, cry, or say something stupid.  HR can be the most frustrating part of running a business, but it is also one of the most important skills a manager can possess.  I hope that you find some helpful advice in these posts, or at a minimum something that makes you laugh.

3 thoughts on “Surviving HR: How to successfully fumble your way through Human Resources

  1. Sharing your experiences will be a huge help for many people out there Amber. I have worked in organizations with large HR departments that are very good, and I still have to deal with difficult HR situations all the time, and they are certainly my least favorite parts of my job.


    1. Thanks Scott. One good thing about working with a larger company who has an HR department is that you have some guidance. I have found consultants are a great resource for smaller companies like mine, but they are never at your fingertips when things hit the fan. I hope sharing my stories and small amount of knowledge on the topic will help others get through it.


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